Three reasons why Theo joined Real Madrid and rejected Barcelona

Theo Hernandez has selected Real Madrid before transferring to Barcelona.
Atletico Madrid’s 19-year-old defender, Theo Hernandez for 30m euros, will join city rivals.

Theo was also wanted by Barcelona, ​​according to AS for these three reasons  why he decided to transfer to Santiago Bernabeu:

1. His Madridism – Despite playing for  Atletico Madrid, Theo has always been Real Madrid fan and does not want to miss this opportunity

2. 2. His brother – Theo is very linked with his brother Lucas Fernandez, who is part of Atletico Madrid and believes the best for both would be staying in Madrid.

3. Economic conditions – Real Madrid has offered much better contract than Barcelona, ​​where Theo for five seasins will benefit 36 ​​million euros. In the first two editions he will benefit 6 million euros, third season 7 million, fourth season 8 million and fifth season 9 million euros