“El Classico” in Sunday decides La Liga Champions of the season!?

Both teams Real Madrid and Barcelona having a week that can decide for their trophies this season. Real Madrid is in better position at the moment because in Champions League have better result and is waiting Bayern Munich with 2-1 lead, meanwhile Barcelona has lost 3-0 against Juventus but they were in similar situation with PSG but at the end passed that stage. However the experience of Juventus in Champions League is way better compared to PSG.

But in Sunday, there is another important match for Real Madrid and Barcelona. Not only for the importance of the “El Classico” but also because the difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid is only three points in favor of Real Madrid but with one match more that puts “Los Blancos” still to remain favorites for La Liga tittle.

A possible win but even a draw will put Real Madrid in better position for the race for the tittle. Barcelona have desperate season so far but a match like PSG made them more confident and they might do the same against Juventus and this will make more problems for Real Madrid.

However, with Zinedine Zidane that will remain one more season in Madrid no matter of the results and with Luis Enrique that for sure is leaving Barcelona at the end of the season, make Real Madrid a huge favorite for La Liga and Champions League tittle.