Messi’s FIFA Best win agreed among coaches, captains & fans except journalists

Lionel Messi’s The Best win was unanimously agreed upon among coaches, captains and fans, with only journalists not favouring him for the award in their votes.

Of the captains, Messi received 377 votes, ahead of Virgil van Dijk’s 337 and Cristiano Ronaldo’s 330.

In the coaches’ count, he got 379 votes, beating Ronaldo (307) and Van Dijk (289).

But it was in the popular vote that he pulled clear, earning 1,359,728 votes to the Portuguese’s 962,919 and the Dutchman’s 704,235.

Members of the media did favour Van Dijk, though, and this will be a concern to Messi ahead of the Ballon d’Or calendar year award.

The three previous winners of The Best have – Cristiano Ronaldo twice and Luka Modric last year – have gone on to win the subsequent Ballon d’Or, but this award from France Football is decided by journalists.

In The Best, Van Dijk earned 462 votes from journalists to Messi’s 364 and Ronaldo’s 264.