Morgan deleted a tweet about Messi being the GOAT as now he says Ronaldo is

Piers Morgan’s interview with Cristiano Ronaldo on ITV on Tuesday night was well received but, having called the Juventus forward the greatest ever, Morgan has now had to do some backtracking about Lionel Messi.

Some people are team Ronaldo, others are team Messi and in a shock to everyone it seems that Good Morning Britain presenter Morgan likes to play both sides.

Before the interview Morgan recently took to Twitter to say that Juventus forward Ronaldo was ‘indisputably’ the greatest of all time.

However the 54-year-old (really he’s that young?!) was caught out by a very eagle-eyed Twitter user. ‘BecksFCB’ found a tweet from 2012, which has now been deleted, calling Messi the GOAT.

It’s fine for one to change their opinion of course but Morgan, as is his way, doesn’t help himself by saying in the post about the Barca legend that ‘any future debate is superfluous’ and, you know, deleting the original post just to save face isn’t a great look either- although it feels very on-brand for him.

It’s been difficult to separate the two forwards as they’ve both grown to be arguably the best two players of all time, and at very least are in the conversation.

Between them they have won pretty much everything in the game, including five Ballon d’Ors each, and broken a ridiculous amount of records.

By the end of their careers we might be closer to working it out but it’s likely just to come down to a matter of preference anyway.

It’s also okay to change that preference, just don’t pretend that you never had your original opinion and certainly don’t make it sound like yours is the only one that matters, because you don’t half look like a buffoon when you do that, just ask Piers.