Ronaldo wants to find McDonald’s employees who used to give him food as a kid

Cristiano Ronaldo has started a search to find some McDonald’s employees who used to give him food as a youngster.

Ronaldo moved to Lisbon as a young boy to pursue his footballing dreams and recalled the time when he used to ask some girls at McDonald’s for food.

“When I was a kid, 11 or 12 years old, we didn’t have any money,” he told ITV.

“We lived in the same place [in Lisbon] that the other players did. The younger players.

“I saw my family [in Madeira] every three months. It was hard. A very hard period without the family.

“Late at night, 10:30 or 11:00, we are a little bit hungry. So, we had a McDonald’s next to the stadium where we lived. And we always go to the back door and knocked on the door: ‘hey, any burgers left?’

“And Edna and two more girls, they were unbelievable.

“I never found the girls again. I speak with some people in Portugal to try to find where the girls are, because I don’t find them.

“They closed that McDonald’s. But I hope this interview will help to find these girls. I will be so happy, because I want to invite [Edna] to come to Turin or Lisbon, to come to my house and have dinner with me.

“I want to find these girls. To give something back because that period I appreciate so much. I never forgot that moment.”