De Ligt will receive extra scrutiny in Italy as Juventus player, warns Gullit

Ruud Gullit has warned Matthis de Ligt to expect extra attention in Italy as a Juventus player.

The 19-year-old defender joined Juventus for £67million in the summer after starring in Ajax’s Champions League semi-final run last season.

Gullit wrote in De Telegraaf: ‘That brings a lot of pressure. Winning is normal and then it doesn’t matter if it is in the competition or European. You always have to win and certainly the Champions League.

‘That’s what Juventus is all about. Because of the defeat against Ajax in the CL they immediately started buying new players and started with a new trainer. That is the pressure.

‘That politics is practiced at the same time around those clubs does not matter. That’s how it goes. A Juventus player is approached differently by newspapers from Milan than from Turin.’

Gullit added: ‘Matthijs must simply swallow that turd and continue. He can keep faith in himself because he has proven more than necessary and shows that he possesses the qualities to be able to play at the highest level.’

Despite a shaky start against Napoli, Gullit is confident the youngster can establish himself among the elite.

‘I know that De Ligt is 100 percent on top of this. At the time, he also started off badly at the age of 17 when he was a Dutch national and had a good return.