Zidane: Hazard needs Madrid to improve himself, this club has something special

Zidane has taken the floor for the first time this season. Hours before the premiere of Madrid, against Bayern in Houston, he mentioned Hazard can improve even more at Madrid in a pre-game presser

Can Hazard improve even more now that he is in Madrid?
What Eden needed was a club like Madrid to improve, this club has something special and the players know it. I arrived at 29 years old and I still had a lot left. I spent five years in this club and I had a better time, I improved with 29 years age. We know the player he is, we have how important he is going to be.

And how can Hazard improve Madrid?
Hazard is a determining player, it makes a difference, it is very important in today’s football. He has shown it and now we have it, we are going to take advantage of his qualities, he will give us a plus, for sure.