Rivaldo: I hope Neymar changes his mentality if he returns to Barcelona

Neymar has been linked with a possible Barcelona comeback and former Blaugrana Rivaldo has insisted his compatriot will have to change his mind-set should he return to the Camp Nou.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward departed from the Catalan club a couple of years ago, but he has yet to settle in France and the Ligue 1 side have failed to impress in the Champions League.

“I would love for him to return [to Barcelona] and it would be very good for the team and for him,” Rivaldo said at a Betfair event at the Camp Nou.

“I hope he goes back, changes his mentality and starts playing football.

“If he returns, Barcelona will have a chance to win the Champions League and he will have a chance to become the best in the world.

“Almost 70 percent [of the fans] don’t want him back.

“When the ball ends up in the net and if he also wins the Champions League then everything will be forgotten.

“When wins arrive and if he plays well, everything changes.

“He is at the best age to play football, even better than when Barcelona won the treble.”

Rivaldo has also insisted that Philippe Coutinho should recover his form and enjoy football as he did at Liverpool.

“[Coutinho] is a good player but things haven’t gone his way yet,” he added.

“He will have time if he doesn’t leave the club, but we don’t know if he will stay if Neymar arrives.

“If he thinks he can’t be the same he was when he played at Liverpool then it would be better to talk with the president to leave for a good club.”