Sarri to Juventus, all the details of the deal

Only the official was missing, and it has finally arrived: Maurizio Sarri is the new Juventus coach. The agreement had been reached weeks ago, well before the Europa League final.

Then, there was plenty of time to clean up the details, waiting for the two clubs to find an agreement to make sure that Chelsea could free the technician. Juve never questioned the situation, but there was a need for acceleration this weeks to unlock the economic aspect.

Taking it from start, Sarri has signed a three-year contract worth over €6m per year plus bonuses, one of which is linked to the possible victory of Champions League. Of course, that bonus is very hefty.

For Chelsea, on the other hand, €3m is being cashed in, plus bonuses linked to Juve’s performance in the coming years under Sarri’s management. The agreement was defined on Friday morning, then the last details between Sarri and Chelsea delayed the announcement (seasonal bonus payment and June salary, for example).

Between Juve and Sarri, the last negotiations discussed whether to have a two-year agreement with an option for a third year or just a three-year agreement from the start. As you can tell, all about the details. Next week, there will be an official presentation.