Guardiola: There’s no better than place than England

Pep Guardiola gave a lengthy interview with the official Manchester City website and seemed to put a lid on Juventus rumours. “The best is coming. I am happy to reward their faith in me.”

Despite his repeated denials, some sources continue to maintain even today that Guardiola wants to join Juventus and is actively begging to be released from his contract.

He sat down for a filmed interview with the Manchester City website and put those rumours to bed.

“There is no better place in the world to do the job of manager than England. I’ve been in Spain and Germany, I’d imagine Italy is very similar to Spain, so there’s no better place.

“In a lot of places, the fans boo you if you don’t win, but here, they always support. I have a blue shirt, I am one of yours. I remember the first year was difficult, after defeat in the Champions League with Monaco, the Premier League was not good, but the people still support you.

“It’s the perfect place to work. I felt that in the first season and I don’t forget it. I don’t forget it. Now it’s easy to be close to me and I know how this job works. At this moment, when it doesn’t work so well in the first year, and we all need time, I don’t forget how they support me.

“That’s why I am happy to reward their confidence they had in me and my players. The best is coming.”