Italian-born billionaire arrives to complete the €200m takeover of Fiorentina

Rocco Commisso has arrived in Italy to complete the €200m takeover of Fiorentina from the Della Valle brothers.

This evening, Commisso landed in Milan and was greeted at the airport by reporters.

The cost of the operation is reported to be around €200m and would end the Della Valle era, which started when they saved the club from bankruptcy 17 years ago.

The Italian-born billionaire moved to America as a child and made his fortune in cable, earning his place on the Forbes 500 list of richest people in the country.

He had already tried to purchase Milan last year, but Yonghong Li turned down his offer and a few weeks later lost the club to Elliott Management due to unpaid loans.

Commisso is trying again for Serie A, as Fiorentina confirmed with a statement that they are in negotiations for a sale.