Klopp’s assistant wrote a song about Real Madrid being lucky in Kiev

Just one year after losing a Champions League final to Real Madrid, Liverpool have won one against Tottenham and Jurgen Klopp explained that this meant they fulfilled a promise.

The German said that his assistant coach made a short song after the Kiev final defeat of 2018 to lift the mood.

“My assistant coach is pretty good at making songs,” Klopp told reporters at his post-match press conference.

“We sang a song actually [after the 2018 final].

“It went ‘we saw the European Cup, Real Madrid had all the f**king luck, we swear we’ll keep on being cool and bring it back to Liverpool’.

“But nobody thought in that moment that it would happen.

“In that moment it was only to lift our mood a little bit, but now it happened.

“We have to think about what we’ll sing tonight because it means something.”

He also added that there is a German version of the song.