Chiellini: His arrival makes you understand how much we grew up as a club

Juventus star defender Giorgio Chiellini spoke to Tuttosport about this season and the future of Juventus: “I think Allegri left in the right moment. It’s going to be hard to equal what he did. I think Max could be back here one day but maybe the whole club needs new motivations now”.

FUTURE – “Who will come after? I don’t know more than you do. Juve will make the best choice, it’s going to be a big manager. I receive so many messages these days. People tell me what they know ‘for sure’ but after they ask my confirmation. Incredible”.

RONALDO – “His arrival makes you understand how much we grew up as a club. And I am sure we’ll improve even more. Ramsey is undergoing treatments here, I spoke with him and I am happy that he joined Juventus”.

POGBA – “I am not going to say anything but it was surprising to see him at Barzagli’s party. It makes you understand how good players feel here. Vidal is another one who is still on very good terms with all of us”.

DE LIGT – “He is young but he has already a big personality. He will have to ‘steal’ the best qualities of his future team-mates, wherever he will go”.

CONTE – “I’d be sorry to see him at Inter but it’s life. I am not criticizing him, everybody knows I have a special relationship with Conte. I hope everything will go well for him but if he joins Inter, I hope he’ll win nothing. I supported Chelsea when he was there, but at Inter I really can’t”.