Fan meets Messi on the street and writes him an emotional letter

Santiago Alberione’s luck was in on Thursday when he bumped into Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi as he walked down the street in Castelldefels, the area where the No.10 lives.

The Argentine was in a good mood and posed for a photo, also signing a Barcelona shirt for the fan.

Santiago was so starstruck that he posted to social media with an image which that viral, followed by an emotional letter.

“An unforgettable day for someone who believes in an athlete,” he wrote.

“If you are anti-Messi, I hope you aren’t even reading this.

“Today I fulfilled one of my greatest dreams, I met Lionel Andres Messi.

“I had the luck to take a photo with him and take a gift home which will be the most symbolic and historic that I could have related to sport.

“The long-awaited moment came in Castelldefels around 09:00.

“I see this short guy with his weird shorts crossing the road and coming over to where I was, my heart went to eight beats a second, my throat went dry and the voice went weird when I told myself – here comes the flea, yes, it’s Messi!!!!!!

“Next thing I ask with a lot of respect if I can take a photo with him, apologising for invading his privacy.

“With a smile on his face he accepted and said not to worry, that I wasn’t annoying him.

“Then he signed my shirt and asked if I was from Cordoba.

“I responded with another question, asking if it was so obvious that he noticed, with a smile and glassy eyes.

“With a sublime and humble laugh he said yes.

“Then I thanked him again and repeated my apologies for annoying him, with a smile he said ‘Don’t worry, look after yourself’ and gave me a hug and a handshake and he went home.

“They were approximately 60 seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

“Obviously afterwards I cried with emotion, I met the best player of all time (according to my criteria, to avoid debate).

“Today I fulfilled the dream of mine that few will understand as today I met Messi and today I am the happiest guy in the universe.

“I love you, thank you for being Argentine.”