‘It seems the change of manager worked’

Dani Ceballos, the first change under Zidane ‘at a key moment’ analysed the game and the change of manager at Real Madrid after win over Celta.

Dani Ceballos spoke to Bein LaLiga after the Celta Vigo game with Real Madrid running out 2-0 winners in Zinedine Zidane’s return to the club.

What sensations come from the game?

These three points were very important to keep the good dynamic goind and to recover the good feelings.

How do you see Zidane’s arrival?

The truth is that the change of manager seems to have worked, the team has got back the good feeling and above all, won the three points which is the most important.

Do the remaining games act as something of an exam for the squad?

We have the objective very clear. There are ten games left and you have to get three points after three points to finish as high as possible.

Isco and Bale, two who weren’t play, scoring the goals…

Of course, they are two key players for us and they have to feel important the same as the rest of the players in the squad.

But Zidane has turned around what Solari was doing…

It’s what the manager thinks in every moment, I think that you have to respect all the decisions he makes and we have to be plugged in here for the rest of the league.

For you, the arrival of Zidane, what does it mean? Last season, he didn’t count on you very much…

From the first moment, he has given me confidence and I was the first change at a key moment at 1-0. He said to me that I would play and I’d enjoy it and that’s what I did, I felt very comfortable.