Pique: He changed my name and called me stupid

Gerard Pique fired back at Carlos Herrera after Saturday’s victory in the Clasico, responding to the Spanish journalist who went on a rant about the centre-back on the radio.

Herrera disapproved of Pique’s comments after the previous Clasico, when the defender spoke about trial of those leading the Catalan independence movement.

The journalist called Pique “Gerardo” and also described him as stupid, demagogic and provocative.

“Mr Carlos Herrera called me Gerardo and called me stupid, but I’m not going to change my name and I’m not going to insult him,” Pique said on Saturday night.

He then went on to discuss the trial once again.

“Football and politics are mixed,” he said.

“We have our opinions.

“The trial is unfair and they’re not guilty.”