UEFA explain why Tagliafico’s goal was disallowed

Shortly after the final whistle in Real Madrid’s away win at Ajax, UEFA explained the decision to overturn Nicolas Tagliafico’s first half goal for the hosts.

Dusan Tadic was in an offside position and though he didn’t touch the ball, the official ruled out the goal after iconsulting VAR.

The rule outlines that a player can be deemed offside without touching the ball if he prevents and opponent from playing, or being able to play, it.

“In the 38th minute of the Ajax v Madrid first leg, Nicolás Tagliafico’s headed goal was ruled out following a VAR review,” read a tweet by UEFA’s official Champions League account.

“The referee identified that Tagliafico’s team-mate Dusan Tadic was in an offside position and interfering with the goalkeeper – preventing him from playing or being able to play the ball – as the header was being made.

“This was in line with VAR protocol and the goal was correctly overturned and a free-kick given for offside.”