Juventus Sports Director: Only Messi can improve our team

Juventus sports director Fabio Paratici has said his club is so good that only by transferring Barcelona’s star Lionel Messi they would improve the squad.

Juventus has won the Serie A championship title for the last seven consecutive years, but during the last two transfer periods, they have signed even more super stars.

They have done this because they want to win the Champions League title, which they have not wonsince the 1995/96 season, when they won against Ajax.

Paratici has revealed a lot of details about his work at Juventus, where among others he has revealed the future of Allegri and Dybala, as well as commenting on possible transfers for Messi, Neymar and James Rodriguez.

“Allegri is one of the top five coaches in the world. He is a very intelligent man, of course he will stay even longer. The same goes for Dybala, “said Paratici.

“Only those who want to leave will leave Juventus. Who can improve us? It is very difficult, maybe Messi. Even for Neymar I have doubts. James? He is a wonderful player but it is difficult to improve our team.