Madridistas missing and fed-up with the team!

Real Madrid beat Rayo Vallecano as though they were filling in an official form where they had to provide their details and receive a stamp before heading home.

The manner of their display led to irritation from the Bernabeu crowd who let rip with a concophony of whistles at the end of the match, and could have been louder had not many of the fans already left.

There were only 55,229 fans at the stadium which celebrated its 71st birthday on December 14th, far from being full for what was a derby game at a comfortable time of the day at 18.30.

Many fans didn’t see the double save by Courtois to save Madrid as they had already headed for the exits and to avoid queues.

Still it wasn’t Madrid’s worst attendance of the season as that came on August 19th in the first round of matches when 48,446 turned up and that can be excused with many fans still on holiday.

Only has the stadium been full for the clash with Atletico Madrid with 78,642 in attendance and in three matches there have been fewer than 60,000.

The team is not inspiring at the moment and there is a lack of connection with the fans to the extent that many left early.

There were also whistles for Asensio when he lost the ball on a couple of occasions and some discontent with Ceballos when he over-ran the ball.

Now Madrid head off the Club World Cup with the hope of winning a trophy and rather than getting a glowing send off from the fans they left with whistles ringing in their ears.