Ronaldo “phenomenon” talks about the diffidence between CR7

Today, La Gazzetta dello Sport has made an interview with Luiz Nazario da Lima, or Ronaldo the phenomenon where he talked about Inter of the 90s and for Cristiano Ronaldo
When some people talk about him , they say “Ronaldo. The real Ronaldo “.

The differences between Luiz Nazario and Cristiano are not great, both have the same surname, but the first one was born years ago: a decade before Cristiano.

Today there are many places in the world that call the “old” Ronaldo the real one and he is still considere unique player.

The phenomenon, but does this mean that we are talking about real Ronaldo?

“It is one thing that entertains me, but no: it makes no sense. We are so different, me and him. ”

Can you make a list of differences?

“Age, above all. Nine years of distinction, different years in which we have played. Football has changed a lot lately and is still changing rapidly. I do not mean that in my “time” it was more difficult: but we faced very different situations in different teams. ”