‘Utter nonsense’ – Lineker comments on Pele’s bizarre attack on Messi

Legendary Pele’s recent surprising comments on Lionel Messi have stunned the whole world’s football. It seems that the Brazilian dares to question the Argentine’s mere ability to play football and score goals.

Pele entered the neverending Messi vs Ronaldo debates with a bizarre claim: “How can you make a comparison between a guy who heads the ball well, shoots with the left, shoots with the right and another who only shoots with one leg, only has one skill and doesn’t head the ball well?”

Naturally, the fans went mad and now the media and other legendary footballers have joined the discussion. Former Blaugrana, Gary Lineker, hits back via his personal Twitter account: “If this is how you judge players then the same would apply to Maradona. Utter nonsense.”

Messi won his first league title with Barcelona back in 2005 before going on to win La Liga an additional eight times.

He first tasted Champions League success in 2006 before going on to win the coveted European crown three more times.

The Argentine has also won the Ballon d’Or – widely considered to be the most prestigious personal accolade in the sport – on five ocassions.