Neymar denies he is paid a bonus for applauding the PSG fans

Neymar took to Instagram to deny the news released by ‘Record’ today which claims he is paid 375,000 euros to applaud PSG fans.The player called it ‘Fake news’.

This information originally appeared in a documentary by France 2 in which they were able to see the bonuses handed to PSG players. According to ‘Football Leaks’, Thiago Silva is paid 33,000 euros for applauding the fans at the end of a game and that Neymar is paid significally more. According to the same source, these are rules the players must adhere to if they wish to earn more money.

PSG didn’t waste much time in responding to the stories and said that applauding the fans was just one of many rules which the players were expected to follow. Others include arriving on time, respecting the media and refusing to bet on matches which take place in competitions that PSG themselves are involved in.