Solskjaer: Ronaldo got privileges from Ferguson

In an exclusive interview given to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Manchester United man of the destiny, the Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has revealed some unedited aspects about the experience of Cristiano Ronaldo at the Old Trafford, during the age of Alex Ferguson.

“At first he was shy and didn’t know the language, and then he learned it,” shared Solskjær, referring to the 2003/04 season when Cristiano moved to the Premier League from Sporting. He was in the gym 40 minutes before training and he also stayed 40 minutes afterwards,” the 45-years-old former striker said.
Surely it was this ethic of work, the abnegation combined with his obvious and incredible talent, that convinced Sir Alex Ferguson about Ronaldo, Solskjær said to the newspaper: he was granted unprecedented privileges in the Manchester United squad.
“He was the only one who Sir Alex said: ‘OK, only worry about attacking, do not think about defending.’ Neither Giggs nor Beckham nor Cantona were ever told this”.