Ancelotti: “Ibrahimovic is different…”

Napoli coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press during the presentation of his new book, here is what he had to say on numerous interesting projects:

” To be a famous footballer isn’t as easy as some may think. They have so much attention but this doesn’t hide the fact that these players are young without much life experience. Locker room? For me it is a very important place. This is where you can see what a person is really made with. Zlatan Ibrahimovic for example is very different in the locker room compared to what everyone sees on the pitch or in the media. Football is similar to life, difficulties can be viewed as opportunities to do better. It isn’t always easy but hard work is normally paid off. I never took football defeats too importantly as there are things more important than this in life. Pressure? Yes there is a lot of pressure in football but that’s how it goes. Milan 2005 UCL? I prefer thinking of the wins in 2003 or 2007 instead of the defeat in 2005. It is important to have fun and to avoid stress as much as you can…”.