Alleged rape victim ‘wants to steal Ronaldo’s money’

Marco Bellinazzo, one of the most reliable economic sports journalists in Italy spoke to Radio 24 about Ronaldo’s rape allegations.

“What will happen to Ronaldo will depend on what will emerge from investigations. Of course, Juve is a bit worried because the Ronaldo operation is mainly a financial one.”
“This case was closed nine years ago, leaving both parties satisfied. Today we are living in a different era and it’s clear that the objective is to steal Ronaldo’s money.”

“Ronaldo has signed an agreement for life with Nike, of course, they are worried too because CR7 is their main testimonial. If the lawyer of the victim wanted to denounce Ronaldo he should have followed the penal law, instead, he is going through the civil law process, which is the basis to find a new economic agreement.”

Ronaldo has been accused of raping the former American model Kathryn Mayorga in 2009 when the player had just moved from Man United to Real Madrid.

According to reports in Portugal, Real Madrid forced Ronaldo to reach an economic agreement with the alleged victim.