Moggi: ‘Juve can only be beaten with another Calciopoli’

Former Juventus CEO Luciano Moggi has sparked controversies once again. Moggi, who was charged over match fixing back in 2006 in the so-called ‘Calciopoli’ scandal has launched a controversial message on Twitter claiming that another referee scandal is the only way to stop Juventus.

Moggi has always denied accusations claiming that every other Serie A club put pressure on referee, although Juventus were the only club relegated to Serie B.

The Old Lady was also withdrawn the Serie A titles of 2005 and 2006 following Calciopoli.
After a few struggling seasons, the Black-and-White returned to top of Serie A and European football and the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo make them one of the main candidates to win the Champions League this season.

Max Allegri’s side has won each one of the opening 10 games of the season in all competition and as Italian pundits ask themselves who and what can stop this Juventus side, Moggi claims on Twitter: “Only another Calciopoli scandal can stop the Bianconeri”