Bonucci: Leaving Juventus was a mistake

Leonardo Bonucci admits ‘my dream is to become Juventus’ Coach’ and that ‘leaving for Milan wasn’t the right decision’.

A reported rift with Max Allegri led to Bonucci joining Milan last summer, but the defender lasted just a season at San Siro before returning to the Bianconeri.

“My dream is to become the Coach of a big team, possibly Juventus,” the defender told Corriere dello Sport.

“This is why I’m observing and setting aside the secrets of various Coaches who have tried to bring out the best in me.

“Allegri? We’ve had heated discussions, but intelligent and mature people shake hands and focus on the same objective together.

“The gift of a Coach is their intelligence and that allows them to to manage a dressing room as important as that of Juventus.

“The game I’d like to forget completely was our second Champions League Final. We believed in Cardiff. It hurts to remember it.

“Regardless of my arrival or Cristiano’s, the club have built an important squad, who are able to compete with the two, three top European sides and win the Champions League.

“Things happened during the last four months of my last spell with Juventus, which had hurt my pride and affected me on a personal level, and I wasn’t good enough to let it slip.

“Then, with time and looking from the outside, I realised that leaving Juventus wasn’t the right decision because only here and with this shirt can I express my potential on and off the field.

“Together with President Agnelli and my agent, I was lucky enough to return and I realised that was the only thing I really wanted.”