The European teams with the largest income from sponsorship,

Things might not be going too well for Manchester United off the pitch at the moment, but the English side continue to enjoy commercial success.

They are the European team with the largest income from sponsorship, with it revealed that they take in 279 million euros from a total of 68 partnerships with sponsors.

This was revealed in CSM Sport and Entertainment’s ‘Football’s Super Spenders’ report, which analysed sponsorship income at the top clubs in Europe.

Here it the ranking of the clubs that were studied.

  1. Manchester United: 279m euros from 68 deals
  2. Barcelona: 261m euros from 43 deals
  3. Bayern Munich: 180m euros from 29 deals
  4. Real Madrid: 178m euros from 19 deals
  5. Chelsea: 154m euros from 18 deals
  6. Manchester City: 149m euros from 38 deals
  7. Arsenal: 124m euros from 27 deals
  8. Liverpool: 117m euros from 17 deals
  9. Paris Saint-Germain: 112m euros from 24 deals
  10. Juventus: 101m euros from 39 deals
  11. Borussia Dortmund: 80m euros from 71 deals