Statistic: Messi’s individual performance against Tottenham proves that he is genius!

Barcelona star Lionel Messi made everyone admire his performance in yesterday’s game against Tottenham. Statistics from that match testify that Messi is a genius in the football field.

Five-time Golden Ball winner Messi scored two goals in last night’s match, which ended with a 4-2 result. The Catalan club faced Tottenham at Wembley stadium.

Having scored three more goals in the first round of this Champions League season, against PSV, Messi has already managed to score 64 goals in 65 appearances in the group stages.

In the match last night, Messi was the most important player in the attack, he crated good chances, and managed to score two goals. The Argentine had possession of the ball in total 96 times during the match, from the defense stage to the attack.

Even his passes were quite accurate, out of the 65 passes he made, 84.6 percent managed to be successful.

These are the match statistics at Wembley for Messi:

96 touches with the ball;

65 passes (84.6% correct);

6 shots;

4 shots in the goal;

3 chances created;

2 dribbles completed;

2 correct tackles; and

2 goals