‘If you put Messi in Modric’s position, he would still be the best’

Luka Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah have all made the finalists of FIFA’s The Best award, however Barcelona’s Director of Football Operations Javier Bordas believes that the absence of Lionel Messi discredits the award.

“Messi’s absence discredits the award,” he explained.

“Everybody knows he is the best in the world in all aspects.

“If you put Messi in Modric’s position then he’d do better, he’s a better passer, better finisher, he’s been the best for many years.”

Messi will not be present at the ceremony on Monday, although Bordas believes it’s astonishing that there isn’t a Barcelona player in the final shortlist.

“Of the three nominees Modric is the favourite over Cristiano Ronaldo,” he admitted.

“However, if we remember last season Barcelona finished 17 points ahead of Madrid, there have to be more Barcelona players.”