Lionel Messi Knows Thiago Is Headed To Real Madrid This Summer

Lionel Messi is reportedly aware of how keen Thiago Alcantara is to join up with Real Madrid.

The player is currently playing for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, but with two weeks of the transfer window left, it appears he is angling a move to Madrid, having played alongside Messi during his time at Barca.

According to Don Balon, Real themselves are keen on the midfielder. The report also says that the next few days will be crucial in determining whether Thiago does indeed make the move to the La Liga giants.

With both parties reportedly keen on the move, it appears as though this one could be just a matter of time.

The Spaniard is a self-obsessed football fanatic. He said in an interview with the Guardian:

“I don’t remember the games but I remember my dad arriving in Brazil because all the family was waiting for him. It was huge. Football’s a religion there. He’s loved, idolised. At that age you have no idea why people are reacting like that. I remember them being very excited, and I was just happy my dad was home.
“I always loved football so much and I knew from a very young age I was going to be a footballer; I used to watch the way they did everything really closely. I lived with it.