Bayern Munich official criticises Cristiano’s transfer

Bayern Munich marketing director Jorg Wacker said: “His purchase, in terms of marketing, would not have worked with us; perhaps in other clubs yes but not us because we believe that the brand of a player cannot be superior to the club.”

So, if we follow his logic, he believes that the Portuguese star is bigger than their club and they just have an inferiority complex, which Juventus don’t have. The Bavarians have 13.6m Instagram followers compared to Cristiano’s 139m, while Juve are just ahead of the Germans with 14.3m.

It’s not the first time Bayern Munich official has criticised Cristiano’s move. At the begging of August, their CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said: “If prices are inflated then the fault lies with Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain. Just look at what Real Madrid have done in the last few years without spending almost anything.

“There’s no need to go crazy to win the Champions League and this is also our philosophy. Ronaldo? I was surprised by the fact that Andrea Agnelli decided to make this deal happen, but from Juve’s point of view it makes sense. Italian football has lost ground in recent years, but we’d never invest all that money on a 33-year-old player.”