An Instagram post by Icardi hints at possible Real Madrid move

Players use their social media to share their everyday activities, and sometimes fans get all fired up with the stuff they post there.

One of those footballers that likes to share his life via Instagram is Mauro Icardi, who has been named as a potential transfer target for Real Madrid. While the striker has never stepped up to say he wants to play for Los Blancos, it’s no secret that Inter Milan’s captain has been on the Spanish giant’s radar for quite some time, and his latest Instagram Story seems to be an indication of where he wants to play next season.

Icardi is in Madrid as part of Inter’s team that’s set to play against Atlético, and while a good morning message shouldn’t be considered as a wink to another club, the pic he chose to do so raised a few eyebrows, since you can spot Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the distance.

Maybe it’s just the view Icardi has from his room in Madrid, or maybe he wants to make a statement on where he wants to play? Let’s wait and see how the remainder of the transfer window unfolds.

“Good morning, Madrid,Spain!”