De Laurentiis: I never said that about Ronaldo

Napoli’s president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, has explained that he has never called Cristiano Ronaldo a flop, and has said he would like to see a movie about Ronaldo.

De Laurentiis has given an interview yesterday for Radio Kiss Kiss, where he is invited every morning. According to him, for the transfer of Ronaldo, Juventus president has done wonderful work.

“Some people have misinterpreted my words. I have never said that Ronaldo is a flop. In fact, I have said that Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has done wonderful work with the transfer of Ronaldo “he said.

“He has bought someone who wakes up not only Juventus fans, but all those who love Ronaldo. There is no doubt about him as a footballer, he can become a movie star. He and Zlatan Ibrahimovic could do a wonderful movie. ”

“The only thing to question is whether the profit in terms of football will be as big as the commercial profit.”

“He’s getting old, someone like Ibrahimovic seems to play until he was 40, but then he got injured and went to play in America.”