Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus could become official in the USA

With Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus set to be the deal of the decade, all eyes turn to both Turin and Madrid as the two clubs look to thrash out an agreement.

Reports initially expected the deal to be tied up sooner rather than later, yet the latest reports from Italian outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport now indicate that the move could be made official in the United States, where Juventus are set to spend their pre-season.

Whilst Ronaldo’s trip to Turin was the initial belief, the announcement in the USA, in front of sponsors, fans and the media, could be a more powerful, and profitable, move on behalf of Juventus. Ronaldo could hold interviews with all the major broadcasters and hosts, with the pre-season game between Real Madrid and Juventus drawing even more attention.

First, a deal must be agreed between the two clubs; then, the announcement can be considered and followed through with.