Casemiro: Like Xavi said I do not understand football that’s why I will never play for Barça

Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro has responded to comments by former Barcelona star Xavi, made months ago.
Speaking at a press conference before the Champions League final against Liverpool, Casemiro has responded to Xavi saying that he has four years in Real Madrid and four Champions League finals during the same period.

“He can say what he wants, but I’m here [Real Madrid] for four years and I’ve played in the four Champions League finals,” Casemiro said.

“I can not sign for Barcelona, ​​I do not have their DNA, as Xavi said. I will be in Madrid until the end, “Casemiro said.

In an interview for El Pais in January, Xavi underlined the differences in the style of the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“In Barcelona, ​​we understand football as a concept of time and space. Messi, Busquets and Iniesta are the master of this. They always know what to do when they are alone or surrounded. There are midfielders, such as Casemiro, who do not understand this, but at the same time, Busquts can not cover as Casemiro, “he explained.