Neymar starts ‘big war’ with Barcelona

Barcelona and Neymar will face a legal battle after the Brazilian star is demanding that his former team pay the bonuses worth 30 million euros .

When the Catalan club learned that the Brazilian was aiming to move to Paris Saint-Germain last summer, they decided to not pay the second bonus on the contract renewal, which needed to keep Neymar at Camp Nou until 2021.

Barça’s leaders believed that his decision to transfer to France had violated the terms of the deal.

They would have paid him if he decides to stay, his transfer to French League 1 means that a 30m fee would not be paid.

Now, Neymar is demanding this money through the court, reports El Mundo, and if the Brazilian wins the legal battle then Barcelona will pay Neymar for four-year and the amount of money will exceed 230 million euros.

Barcelona, ​​however, has responded to the complain of Neymar, worth € 75m, based on the player’s benefits from the renewed contract.