Neymar: I also know how to provoke my way

Neymar, often the victim of fouls from the defenders, as during the success of PSG Rennes (3-2) in the semifinals of the Coupe de la Ligue, assumes his way of reacting.
« What did you think of the refereeing of this match in Rennes?

It was complicated for the arbitration today (Tuesday), there were complicated situations. There are times when video refereeing helps and sometimes it’s a little overused.

« We can not do anything, everything is controversial »

Are you able to stay calm with the opponents who beat you?

They beat me and I play football. They provoke but I also know how to provoke in my own way, with the ball, with my football. I’m not here to hit, I do not know how to do that. I’m defending myself with the ball. People will say that I am a good player and that I provoke a lot, but for me it is normal. I know people will talk about that but they have to put themselves in my shoes. It’s no good for defenders to provoke me because I’m going to provoke even more. And I will win my team.

Should the referee protect you more?

Yes, football is a bit boring right now, because we can not do anything, everything is controversial. For example, I made a joke in the end by presenting my hand and removing it at the last moment and it will create controversy when it’s the kind of thing I do with my friends. Why will not I do it with my opponents? I’m kidding, it’s a joke. »