Villa’s favorite to win the Champions League

New York City player David Villa, who is taking full advantage of his American experience, has revealed his favorite club to win the Champions League this season.

The 36-year-old Spanish striker, who has scored 59 goals in 98 games with the Spanish squad, still preserves the same illusion and hopes to take part in the next World Cup with ‘Roja’.

And it is today that the striker from New York City wanted to give his opinion on the biggest European competition. Asked by the ESPN, the Spaniard gave the name of the team that he believes should win the Champions League this season.

« I hope that Barcelona will win the Champions League, my other teams are no longer in the competition, Atlético have been eliminated and Valencia has not even qualified this season, » said former ‘Blaugrana’ .

The Spaniard believes that his former team has every chance of winning the final victory and so exceed the Bayern and Liverpool in the number of titles won.