Adebayor: ” I hate Arsenal because of him “

Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor sits dejected after being challenged by Wigan Athletic's Emmerson Boyce and Mario Melchiot

Emmanuel Adebayor no longer digests Arsene Wenger. Asked by TRT World, the Togolese captain settled his accounts with the manager of the Guenners while praising Jose Mourinho he knew at Real Madrid.

« Mourinho is one of the most honest managers I’ve met in my career, which is crazy because most managers are a little bit wrong. « Introduced goal scorer Istanbul Basaksehi before adding: » I had a meeting with Arsene Wenger in his office where he told me that I had to leave, because I was not part of his plans with Arsenal and that I had to move on in my life. And I said, « I’m going to stay. » He said, « No. We will not fight for you. You go out or you stay and you will not play any game. « So I joined Manchester City and when I was in City I saw him give a press conference in London saying that I wanted to leave because there was a lot In the game I hate Arsenal because of Wenger, not because of the fans. «