Kanté reveals why his parents called him N’Golo

He is now one of the best defensive midfielders on the planet, N’Golo Kanté has become indispensable in Chelsea where he is considered by Antonio Conte as a senior player of the team. Kanté continues its meteoric rise at the highest level, he who was still evolving in CFA 2 in 2010.

In an interview with L’Equipe Magazine, the French team’s player also delivered a superb anecdote related to this incredible progression and especially his name: « Why my parents called me ‘N’ Golo ‘? This is the name of a former king in Mali. A king who started from the bottom to conquer a kingdom. Mali, I went there twice, I still have a little family there. Is that okay with me? Yes a bit. It can be likened to what happens for me in football. It’s true that the story is beautiful, « he explained.

As a reminder, Kanté remains on two consecutive titles in the Premier League and is French international since 2016.