Manchester Paid €37 Million For Him, And Now Nobody Wants Him

The fate of football players is often uncertain. Today everyone loves and respects you, and tomorrow, you can virtually disappear from the football world.

Not a lot of clubs are concerned about their legends. Lately, it seems like it’s easier to just say goodbye to them. The market pressure is enormous and everything revolves around money, compensation, and wages, the commission of managers and other costs that can be tied to football. A sad fate of this legendary player will surely be the top theme of the English media.

Wayne Rooney is the best striker in the history of the English team and Manchester United. Today no one wants him anymore. Jose Mourinho has confirmed that he does not need him and is already working on his replacement and has lost his place in the national team.

To make matters even worse, even Everton doesn’t want him. The options for leaving the United States and China are also non-existent. The only thing left for him is to work harder than ever in the hope that a miracle will occur. He’s only 31 and is not yet for retirement. Especially not for the size of a player Rooney is…