Verratti: I want to win the Champions League

Verratti says he is happy at PSG and does not intend to move from “Parc des Princes”.

In 2017, Barcelona insisted to transfer Italian midfielder Marco Verratti, but he decided to stay at Paris Saint-Germain and says he is happy about the decision he has made and wants to win everything with the French club.

“I am happy for the decision I have made and even more today I am convinced that I have made the right choice. I really want to stay here and win what everyone is waiting for (Champions), “Verratti said.

“Just because we bought Neymar, people thought we would easily reach the Champions League. Of course, having big players gives us more opportunities to win, but there is also much work to do. ”

“PSG will win the Champions League, no matter whether we are or will not be in the squad. It is a club that is working and building a team to win everything, “added Verratti among others.