Matic: ‘There is no excuse, Sevilla deserved to go through’

Nemanja Matic reacts to United being dumped out of the Champions League by Sevilla
“We are not happy because we are out of the Champions League, but this is football. We have to accept it and to focus on the next game, which is very important also for us, in the FA Cup.

“We focus also for the league, but we have to say congratulations to the team, Sevilla. They played really well, and they deserved to go through.

“There is no excuse. There is no excuse. We had a big game, as you know, against Liverpool. We won. With high confidence we came to play this game, but today they played better than us and they deserved [to win].”

“We have to be focused on that because they’re a good team and we have to win. We have to go with everything to try to go through. We know that our supporters are sad because of this result. We are also sad, and we have to win to go back to winning ways, so I hope that the team reaction is going to be good.

“We have to forget this. We have to review our mistakes, to see what we have to do better and on Saturday is a new game. Life goes on and this is football, we have to accept that.”